The Cala Chullera beach

Heavy sand beach that is divided into two zones by a rocky projection. It is located on the feet of the tower of Chullera. Their rock bottoms are excellent for diving and a very good place to go fishing.

Type: Rural
Size: Small (100 m)
Average width: 10 ms
Type surface: Heavy sand
Surge: Calm

Cala Manilva Beach

Is a small beach of about ten meters length. Lowering the small one cut of about four meters of height by which we accede, the beach seems to be a wonderful stay to us. Nevertheless, once down, the panorama is quite depressive since it seems a sweepings garbage dump. The only that saves this beach is the sea; With having many submerged rocks, it is ideal to do snorkeling.

Type: Rustic
Size: Small (100 m)
Average width: 4 m
Type surface: Sand and rocks
Surge: Calm

San Diego Beach

Became his name from the urbanization that is in front of the beach. Between the beach and making noise, the N-340. There is not so frequent trafic on this highway, the beach has a virgin beach aspect, with great trees surrounding, if you look from the highway. There is a suspicious stream that flows between the beach, dividing the beach in two parts

Type: Urbanized
Size: Small (200 m)
Average width: 20 m
Type surface: Grey sand
Surge: Calm

El Cabrero beach

The beach El Cabrero to the outskirts of Torreguadiaro, is a brown sandy beach. Behind the beach, there is an enormous esplanade where usually one can park his car, motorbike and camping vehicle.

But, watch! Do not park your vehicle in the sand, since the Guarda Civil can give you a ticket for this.

Type: Virgin
Size: Small (1000 m)
Average width: 40 m
Type surface: Brown heavy sand
Surge: Calm

Torreguadiaro Beach

Is a sandy beach with small stones. It is a zone of fishermen that you can see work in the environs. After them many seagulls roam trying hard to get some fish from the fishermen.

Type: Virgin
Size: Big (2300 m)
Average width: 50 m
Type surface: Grey sand and stones
Surge: Calm

Playa del Puerto Beach

Is situated short before the port of Sotogrande, after the Guadiaro river. It is an extensive beach very attractive by his gray sand. What is worth the trouble is the urbanization in which the playa del puerto is located, Sotogrande.

Type: Urbanized
Size: Medium (1200 m)
Average width: 8 m
Type surface: Grey sand.
Surge: Calm

El Cucurucho beach

On El Cucurucho beach you can find well-known personalities from the world of TV, the stage, etc, they may be seen taking a stroll along the beach.

During the summer months, local policemen will be patrolling the coast off Sotogrande and Torreguadiario beaches. San Roque Town Hall has acquired a vessel for these purposes, which has been fully fitted with the most advanced technological equipment.

Type: Urbanized
Size: Big (4000 m)
Average width: 65 m
Type surface: Grey sand.
Surge: Moderate