One of the most important ecclesiastical buildings is the church of Santa María La Mayor, built on the site of an ancient mosque. It was around this church that the old town began to grow up.

The town also houses several convents as the convent of Nuestra Señora de Gracia; the convent of San Francisco; and the San José de la Soledad convent.

Moorish Fortress

Some remains of the defensive walls that surrounded the town, built in the 13th century. Around it, and surrounded by the walls, is the district of Villa, wich, although badly conserved, represents the best sample of morisco urbanism of the city.

Family mansions

Beniel Palace of Mudéjar-style seventeenth century , with Renaissance touches inside and a typical Andalusian interior patio. it became the Town Hall and it currently houses the municipal archives and the María Zambrano Foundation.

It is also the seat of the University of the Axarquía. Other civic buildings worth a mention include :

  • House of Cervantes, s. XVI, in which Cervantes stayed .
  • House of the Merchant, s. XVII, A private property.
  • House of the Madrilenians, s. XVIII, Consistorial House.
  • Hospital of San Marcos, founded by Catholic Kings