The Second Weef of February

“Carnavales”, or carnival week.

A very popular tradition. Colorful masquerades and groups of jesters from nearby districts enliven the streets during this time. The rivalry between the different costumes is a incentive to rise to the occasion every year.


“Holy Week”

Religious processions organized by the local religious brother-hoods, consummate the sentiments of a town which is devoted to religious tradition.

15th May

“Saint Isidro the Peasant Farmer”

Rural Estepona celebrates is most important “fiesta”. This begins a week before with a festive pilgrimage to the chapel of the peasant farmers’ Patron Saint at “Los Pedregales”; livestock contest, agricultural machinery and farm produce shows, a bull fight, and a cavalcade with a great many of the young wearing traditional folk dress and accompanying an effigy of the Saint through the picturesque streets of Estepona.

June. The evening of the 23rd

“The Burning of Saint John’s Moustache”

Several small shrines appear on this evening in different parts of the town, with effigies in the form of small mannequins (like the “Fallas” of Valencia). These are eventually consumed by the flames with the exception of the winner, which is granted the privilege of being burnt 24 hours later.

Saint John’s night is a delightful evening in the “warmth” and simplicity of this town, where good humour abounds.

July. The 1st or 2nd week

“The Fair and the Town’s Main Festivities”

Music and color pervade the town for a week, when the most important thing is to enjoy oneself. At the fair ground, with its numerous marquis and stands, all the delights of the festivities are experienced a first hand: music, dancing, wine, etc., everything which is most typically Andalusian.

Processions of floats and traditionally dressed horsemen, extravagant musical folk attractions, bullfights and fireworks.

The 16th. “La Virgen del Carmen”

Events organized by the fishermen of Estepona in honour of their patron saint. This is a very traditional seafaring holiday, with particular on the shoulders of the fishermen.

August. The 15th “Tourists’ Day”

Numerous events are organized for the amusement of the visitors (competitions, gifts, concerts, etc.).