The Fair of Estepona is celebrated at the first week in July as one of the biggest fiestas is the annual Feria that takes place in July.

The event lasts a whole week and consists of a day fair and a night fair. Both fairs give way to the rhythm of ‘Sevillianas’, rumbas and popular Spanish music.

At midday the bars fill to capacity when all manner of Andalusian cuisine can be sampled including the well known paella which is traditionally eaten in the streets.

The day fair continues until seven in the evening when everyone rests in preparation for the night fair.

The town is illuminated at night with thousands of light bulbs and the meeting points change from the bars to the outdoor pavilions and the fairground rides. A children’s paradise emerges from the darkness with rides of every description.

The smell of candyfloss mingles with that of cooked octopus and music emits from every street. Estepona’s annual fair is repeated on the grand scale every year and never fails to attract thousands of visitors and satisfies each and every one of them.