About 2 hours.

Route La Axarquía area- Vélez – Punta de Vélez – Málaga.

We start leaving Vélez- Málaga town along Benamocarra´s road, walking on past the fertile plain by the river Vélez.

About 1 km. farther there is a crossroads that we shall take to the left, until reaching a bridge over the river Benamargosa, and farther on a track to the left wich runs on parallel to the Vélez estuary, following the course of the irrigation channel southwards through the Anaya fertile plains.

Walking on down the track, there is a junction wich must be taken to the right towards a wilder area until reaching El Capitán built- up area, from where a road makes its way to the national road along the coast, a bit farther down.

Then we can walk on parallel to the river to the national road. After crossing it, there are the Torre de Velez´s remains and a bit farther the Punta Vélez- Málaga with an old light- house on our right.