Malaga Football Club is a Primera Liga Football team, and plays at La Rosaleda, Málaga Football Club’s Home Stadium.

La Rosaleda - Malaga CF

History of Malaga C.F.

Malaga Club de Futbol in its present form is a relatively young team having been constituted on the 29th June 1994. Before that it was known as Atlético Malagueño and was founded in 1948. From its first moments this team was affiliated with Club Deportivo Málaga whose main object was to train footballers for the first team. With the disappearance of CD Málaga in the summer of 1992, Atlético Malagueño, which was registered in it’s own right, was able to take over the position that CD Málaga held representing the City of Málaga.

In their first campaign 92/93, they played in Group 9 of the 3rd Division achieving promotion into Segunda B. The following season 93/94 posed financial problems the team and they were relegated back to the 3rd Division and were at the point of disappearing from the football scene when in 94/95 Federico Beltrán and Fernando Puche came to their rescue financially.

The club did their apprenticeship in the Third and then the Second Division during 1994 and 1998 and made the jump to the First Division at the end of the 1998/99 season. They consolidated their position and comfortably held on to their First Division place in 1999/2000. In 2000/2001 right until the last moment they fought for the right to play in the UEFA.

In 2001/2002 there were many changes. Fernando Puche left and the Club’s Presidency was taken over by Serafin Roldán, who is also the biggest shareholder. Málaga had to, once again, learn to become a united team as some of their key players had been sold to fund the Club. With the continued help of Manager Joaquin Peiró, the team gelled and played some remarkable football. So much so they earned a place in the Intertoto, and undefeated in this competition, won a place in the UEFA, seeded 25th.

In the following years, Malaga CF faced financial problems, and lot of players left the team. In 2006 they went down to second division, and two years later, Malaga CF came back to the First Division after winning the last match of the 2008 season.

In June 2010, the team was bought by the billionaire Qatari Sheikh Al Thani. This change supposed a major restructuring of the entity, including a new coaching staff and several international high-profile players.

Two years later, Malaga Club de Futbol achieved its highest classification in La Liga (4th Position), so they classified to play the Champions League for the first time in club’s history.