About 3 hours.

Route Sierra de las Nieves – Los Sauces- El Palancar country house – Peñón de Ronda – Los Sauces.

The route provides a pleasant trekking route through Los Sauces camp area where there is a grove of firs.

We start leaving Los Sauces through the Cañada de la Encina walking on along a soft slope towards a brook, we shall be climbing through a gorge along a very winding track.

This track makes it way southwards and then turns abruptly round the cliff, crossing what used to be an extensive grove of firs wich was destroyed by a fire.

Then the track goes up until reaching a very picturesque farm house by a hill with a splendid orchad of cherry trees.

Once at the hill, we shall prepare the climb to the Peñón de Ronda, 1297 m. high, situated on our right.

Walking down along the same track, we shall arrive at the Peñón country house, still inhabited, in a bucolic place at the foot of the rock.

From here we shall walk on westwards in the opposite direction we had initially taken, on the other side of the rock, in order to take a track wich makes its way along the hillside of the rock and soon reaches the Palancar country house, from alon a lane until reaching a cross roads wich we shall take to the right.