About 4 hours.

Route Sierra de Libar – Benaojan

We start leaving Benaojan town towards Montejaque along a road which has a view of the Sierra de Algarrobo, at the core of which there is an important cave which makes its way through the mountains called Sistema Hundidero-Gata.

Once we reach Montejaque, we shall take a road to the left which after crossing the town leads to a hill situated between Sierra de San Diego and the Sierra de Montalate, both southwest of the town.

At the top of the hill, there is a view of the plains, of karstic formation, where water plays an important role in the orography of the ground.

Walking on along a smooth track which branches off the right, and 2 km futher, we shall arrive at a shelter. After having walked southeastwards, we will arrive at the Cortijo de los Llanos de Libar.

On the left border of the valley a track runs on through the valley and another mountain pass in order to reach the Gaitanejo, where there are some tracks to its left leading to the road.