About 2 hours.

Route Sierra del Aljibe – La Sauceda – Peñón del Buitre.

We start at La Sauceda hermitage walking down the hermitage along the track that leads to the road and, after crossing a bridge, we shall walk on the left among some houses.

Then we must turn to the right through the lowest part of the valley and the make our way eastwards during the whole of the walking tour.

After reaching the highest point of the hill, we must maintain the direction walking on at the same level and avoinding other tracks branching off on both sides, until reaching a quite smooth fenced area sloping down to the left wich must be crossed to reach a track on the other side .

Then, we will walk on to the foot of the Peñón del Buitre, inmersed in so dense a forest, that the top cannot be seen from this point.

To the left of the rock, there is a very steep but accessible gorge wich leads to the other side of the rock, where we can accede after climbing easily up through its rocks.

From the height, filled with pits and other peculiar formations, there is a beautiful view.