Malaga is left by the CN 402 in the direction of Alora, it lies on a rugged projection on the left of the road. A visit to the village consists of a series of very steep slopes is worth because the village spreads over a neighbouring hill, on which an old Moorish castle stands.

The road forks on the outskirts of Alora, but both branches lead to the same place: El Chorro gorge and Bobastro.

El desfiladero de los Gaitanes lies at a distance of 20km from Alora. There, the Guadalhorce begins its journey towards the sea between two breathtaking rock walls which are 40m high at some points.

Ardales is reached shortly afterwards. This is a small village surrounded by corn fields and olive groves.

Carratraca lies at a distance of 7km. It’s most outstanding feature is the old spa dating from 1847 and occupying a Neo-Classical building.Near the spa there is the Town Hall occupying a Neo-Caliphal building with a more fantastic than historicist decoration.

There are only 18km left to be back in Alora.