Malaga is left by the new access, in the CN-321about 32 km after, Casabermeja appears on the left with the picturesque cemetery in the foreground. Despite its recent enlargement the village preserves the original layout and a number of examples of popular Malaga architecture.

At the mountain pass of Las Pedrizas we should follow the CN331 towards the left and get to Antequera , an important town as regards sights. It preserves very interesting buildings for lovers of the Renaissance and the baroque in Andalusia.

The main street of Antequera is called Estepa and it begins at San Sebastian Square: the Baroque brick tower next to the church of the same name is one of the most characteristic landmarks in the silhouette of Antequera.

By taking the same road which brought us to the town, we soon reach the signposts showing the way to the Caves of Menga, to Viera and El Romeral, three megalithic burial places dating from between 2,500 and 2,000 BC.

After 10km in the direction of Almogia in the South of Antequera, there is a turn-off for El Torcal on the right.

El Torcal de Antequera is a disturbing area consisting of large rocky blocks, which have often been compared with cyclopean ruins. A visit should be accompanied by a guide or else the traveller should follow the signposts indicating which direction he should take.