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Spring 2013: Holiday in Malaga on the Costa del Sol

By: Malaga.us

There are a thousand and one destinations you can go to and great places to visit during your Easter holidays in Malaga on the Costa del Sol

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Short holiday in Malaga for Easter

By: Malaga.us

Easter is the ideal time for a short holiday in the province of Malaga! The temperatures are pleasantly warm, the scenery gorgeous green and Malaga is so diverse that it has something to suit every taste. Below, I give you a brief overview of some of the highlights during the Easter week.

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Malaga in Easter:The Holy Week

By: Malaga.us

If you are planning to spend your Easter holidays in Malaga, from the 1st to the 8th of April you will be able to experience what the Spanish call “La Semana Santa” (The Holy Week), a beautiful, religious tradition that fills the streets with several processions witnessed by literally thousands of devoted followers.

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