At Malaga Airport you have many choices for car hire as there are a multitude of companies to choose from.

The companies below are near the Malaga Airport (approx. 2 minutes from the airport arrivals terminal).

If you are looking for the best prices and absolutely great service, you can’t miss the following company:

It is a reputable car hire company with more than 10 years experience. They provide car hire at Malaga Airport and have a large fleet of brand new cars. As they aren’t a car hire broker, they guarantee the cheapest prices with the best personal service.

They wait for you at Malaga airport arrivals terminal and then they take you to your car (which is less than 3 minutes away).

This is without a doubt an easy and pleasant car hire website, offering Malaga car hire at the cheapest prices.

A few pros from this car hire company include: pick-up services and return to the airport included in price, a selection of the latest car models and very friendly customer service.