Malaga is one of the most popular holiday destinations worldwide and Malaga airport is the entry point for thousands of tourists every year. Because of this, picking up a car hire at Malaga airport is a choice that many visitors take, as having your own vehicle always provides a better, more convenient experience than being stuck in your hotel or using public transport.

Malaga airport is close to nearly all the most popular holiday destinations along the Costa del Sol, so driving a rental car to your resort is easy and comfortable. But what do we need to know when hiring a car at Malaga airport?

Some of the best known companies work inside Malaga airport while others are car hire companies located outside Malaga airport.

Depending on the season you choose, prices may be higher or cheaper. When your holidays are planned for high season, you can choose the cheaper models. It’s easy to save money when hiring a car if you book in advance. Do not make a last-minute booking; prices can be higher and there will be less vehicle availability.

Car hire pickup and return

Depending on the company you choose, there are different possibilities.

If you use our recommended Malaga car hire service they will pick you up at the airport, taking you directly to your vehicle. On return you just have to get to the car rental company at Avda. Garcia Morato and they will return you to the airport with their free bus service.

Those who rent a car at Malaga airport arrivals, will have to drive through Avda. Garcia Morato following the car rental signals to the airport. Your car hire representative will indicate where you must leave your vehicle.

Low season car hire

Cheaper prices are almost always available on low season car hire at Malaga airport (roughly from the months between November and March).

Mid season car hire

While not as cheap as low season, you can still get competitive prices for mid season car hire at Malaga airport when you book between April and June, or October and Christmas.

High season car hire

During high season we always recommend that you book in advance so you can get cheaper prices (at least a few months in advance). But if you forgot (or you were just not particularly worried about price), prices may be more expensive during Easter and September.

Premium season car hire

July and August are the highest seasons, and last-minute bookings will cost you more than any other month. Booking at least a few months in advance is a must if you want to save and find availability.

Hiring a car at Malaga airport: Charges and companies

Car rental companies inside Malaga airport will add an extra charge. Below are a selection of car hire companies operating inside Malaga airport.

Auriga Crown provides car hire in the most popular areas in Spain, including the airport. It was founded in Malaga in 1995.

Europcar in Malaga has a car rental desk inside the airport providing car hire in Malaga using the latest car rental models.

Hertz in Malaga is an international car rental agency. Hertz provide car rental for a few hours.

Record rent a car is present at the airport from where you will be able to hire a car.

Avis in Malaga was the first company hiring vehicles from inside the airport. However, it does not have many positive reviews from customers.

Goldcar Malaga is inside the airport. Customers frequently complain about their expensive fuel policy and waiting times.

Sol-Mar offer car hire from Malaga airport with a wide selection of vehicles.

Sixt in Malaga is a German company located inside Malaga airport and with offices worldwide.

Bigger companies like Hertz, Sixt, Europcar allow pickup and return at a different location.

Companies offsite

Some companies are situated outside Malaga airport hall, these companies are specially indicated for those looking at a balanced price/value, airport charges monthly expensive rates just for having a desk inside the airport and those expenses must be passed to the customer.

Most of the companies are located at Avda. Comandante Garcia Morato, we will not review those located more far than this as we considerate most visitors prefer to use one close to the airport.

Considered the leading car rental company by the customer’s reviews, looks like a good choice. As well as vehicle rentals it provides a wealth of Malaga airport information on their website. offers car hire, free shuttle to and from the airport, private transfers and parking services.

Phone: +34 952 176 225

UK Phone: 0871 2844700

More info here

The second website in importance when hiring a car operates online. It offers an easy booking form and a quality guide about Malaga airport.

It is always a good idea to have this website on the background when comparing prices, very competitive.

Phone. +34 952 17 65 45 from 8am to 10pm

Enterprise National Atesa

Offers car hire at Malaga airport and also special vehicles for sport lovers, movers…It used to have a desk inside the airport but they have moved to the main avenue.