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Malaga christmasFrom the first days of December the streets and main squares in Malaga fill with lights and colours. A spectacular Christmas decoration that welcomes a very pleasant walk.

Numerous activities are organised this time of year: ‘Belenes’, the traditional nativity scenes (worth mentioning the one exposed in the park’s house, placed by the very town hall), ice skating rinks, music concerts, etc. A jolly atmosphere in the streets surrounded by beautiful decoration that you mustn’t miss out on.

And why not think about a bit of Christmas shopping. Several stands are distributed along the park during this special time of year. And our shopping centres, department stores, packed with plenty of shops to choose from and of course the whole historical centre, will definitely offer whatever it is you are looking for.

So come along and join us for these special following days, we guarantee you really will enjoy yourself. And if you find yourself strolling down one of our sea fronts and you see people sunbathing, don’t be surprised. Generally, these festive days of December offer lovely sunny weather!

The Three Magic Kings procession

On the 5th of January every year, the Three Magic Kings (also known as the Three Wise Men) arrive at Malaga port at 5pm. Once they stop, and each one of them sit in their respective carriage, one boy, representing all the children in Malaga, reads out a letter to the Kings. After the reading, the parade commences its route setting off in the park’s boulevard and finishes at the town hall.

The Three Kings star each year in this traditional procession that hit the streets of the city centre. Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar are followed by a dozen more carriages, as well as music bands and a pastoral. Whilst they parade through the main streets of the city, all the members of the cavalcade throw millions of sweets at the crowd of thousands of people that gather round to enjoy this special event.

To conclude the acts, the main post administration and the Telecom centre organize a brilliant festival, with performances of singers, illusionists and other artists from the city. After this comes the tremendous entrance of the Kings, applauded by all the children there. Then they share out sweets, toys and other presents.

Every year the quality of the parade’s acts in Malaga gets better and better.


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