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Fuengirola Hotels

The municipality of Fuengirola is a very developed Tourist resort and can that for offer a wide range of accommodation for all purses. Mainly we can find Hotels in the city area, but in the outskirts there are as well interesting offers of self catering apartments and town houses.

Diana del Mar H*
Hotel. Plazas: 40
C/ Oviedo, 28
952667173 Fax.--

La Morena H*
Hotel. Plazas: 32
Avda. Condes de San Isidro, 41
952197108 Fax.-952198335

Sitio Dorado H**
Hotel. Plazas: 42
C/ Cuartel Simancas (C/Cuarteles)
952582233 Fax.-952582233

Galicia H**
Hotel. Plazas: 41
Avda. Santa Amalia 14
952463301 Fax.-952463994

Las Rampas
Hotel. Plazas: 305
C/ Pintor Nogales, s/n
952470900 Fax.-952470912

El Puerto H***
Hotel. Plazas: 569
Paseo Marítimo, 32
952470100 Fax.-952470166

Yaramar H****
Hotel. Plazas: 484
Paseo Marítimo Fuengirola, Los Boliches
952921100 Fax.-952462087

Las Palmeras H****
Hotel. Plazas: 749
Paseo Marítimo Fuengirola
952472700 Fax.-952472908

Ángela Playa H****
Hotel. Plazas: 496
Paseo Marítimo Fuengirola
952475200 Fax.-952463038