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Estepona Monuments

The Clock Tower
(15th Cent.)
The remains of a church built on the orders of Henry IV (1474).

Remains of the Castle Wall
(15th Cent.)
An ancient fortress. The construction of the first phase of which was ordered by Queen Elizabeth the Catholic.

Casa de la Borrega
(18th Cent.)
One of the oldest houses in Estepona, with interesting period architecture.

Casa del Marqués de Mondéjar
(18th Cent.)
Built on the instructions of the Marquis of Mondéjar during the conquest of the area.


The Watch Towers
Along the length of the municipal district's coast, one finds the opportunity to admire a complete ensemble of watch towers of Phoenicio-Roman origin, restored and enlarged under Arabic rule, and which were of considerable value in consolidating Spanish rule as a defense against incursions from coastal pirates.

Remains of "El Castillo del Nicio"
On the upper slopes of the area known as "El Padrón" lie the remains of the settlement of the Nicio Castle, of great importance during the Arab occupation of the area.