The airline Helitt takes off in Malaga and reinvents the ‘low cost’

The company, based in Malaga, will start to operate on the 22nd of November with a daily flight to Melilla

The Picasso Museum in Malaga last night turned into a runway for the takeoff of the Andalusian airline Helitt, that chose the famous art gallery for its official presentation. In a few days, on the 22nd of November to be precise, the company’s first commercial flight will depart from Malaga Airport, that will start off with its daily route (except Saturdays) Malaga – Melilla – Malaga, which will be followed by another three over the following weeks (Melilla – Barcelona – Melilla; Melilla – Madrid – Melilla and Barcelona – San Sebastian – Barcelona).

Based in Malaga, Helitt Airlines is born with the idea of reinventing the ‘low cost’, as insisted by its president, Abel Pizarro, who replies with an emphatic ‘NO’ when asked if its profile responds to the current low cost airline general profile: “Absolutely not. We differ in the treatment, the quality, the service onboard and the comfort of the seats, amongst other factors”, he affirmed. And all of this in spite of offering journeys from 25 Euros, in the case of the Malaga – Melilla route.
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Malaga in autumn – Hiking along the Costa del Sol

The mountains in the hinterland of Marbella are called Sierra Blanca. This area offers a sight worth seeing, due to the white marble gleaming in the sun. A beautiful view of the coast can also be enjoyed from the peaks of the Sierra de Mijas in the north of Fuengirola. Here is situated as well the picturesque white village of Mijas, very popular among tourists; due to its proximity to the Costa del Sol, Mijas Pueblo is very suitable for a day trip.

Who loves the woods, should visit the Nature Park Malaga hiking 2011Montes de Malaga which is situated only a short distance from Malaga city. The park is home to many rare animal and plant species and is accessible as a tourist destination for hikers. [ Read more ]

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A new tourism product will allow travelers enjoy staying in the natural park of Los Montes de Malaga

In the framework of the World Travel Market (WTM), there was a collaborative agreement to develop a new combined tourism product which will allow tourists to enjoy two stays in Malaga hotels and two in the Natural Park of the Mountains of Malaga.

Ramblers Worldwide Holidays tour operator markets the destination Spain within its range of destinations ‘The World’s More Beautiful on Foot’ around the world. This catalog combines purely rural stays with short cultural visits to important destinations such as Venice, Istanbul, Rome, Madrid or Barcelona, which will now join Malaga on the Costa del Sol. [ Read more ]

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Malaga, Land of the Sun

If you have not decided yet where to go next holiday, perhaps Malaga on the Costa del Sol is the best option. In this city you’ll find everything: art, architecture, delicious food, nightlife, sun and beach, music and dance, nature and more. The Costa del Sol is one of the major tourist destinations in Spain, located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in the south of the Iberian Peninsula.

Malaga overview [ Read more ]

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Costa del Sol motorways improved

Costa del Sol MotorwayThe province of Malaga is hosting this week the opening of two new motorways. This implementation is, on the one hand, a revolutionary improvement of access to the Costa del Sol as an alternative to the motorway A-45 for travelers from the interior of the peninsula; and on the other, a release for the saturated ring roads of Malaga, with a transit of about 190,000 vehicles a day among which are large numbers of tourists heading to the western coast of Malaga. [ Read more ]

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Andalucia aspires to maintain upward trend of british tourism in the WTM

Andalucia flagThe ‘Consejeria de Turismo‘ (Regional Tourism Ministry) are wrapping up the shows that will take place in the next World Travel Market (WTM) in London, one of the most important touristic fairs in the world, where Andalucia will be attending next November with the aim of maintaining upward trend of british tourism.

Just like last year, Andalucia will show its offer in a 592 square metre pavilion, that, as well as the information desks, will also offer an exclusive work zone to hire on request, to favor the business generation of companies [ Read more ]

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Malaga will gather 750 agents from 42 countries in an international forum of Andalusian commercialisation

The tourism councillor and Turespaña’s general manager both agreed that this event will generate over 2.000 business contacts.

The first international forum of Andalusian commercialisation will take place in Malaga with the aim to be the biggest event of one destination’s commercialisation in Spain. This encounter, that will create more than 2.000 business contacts, will gather 530 buyers from 42 countries and 205 Andalusian entrepreneurs in the Costa del Sol‘s capital, that will be selling their products in a workshop on the 26th and 27th. This new business and promotion system also includes ‘a la carte’ trips that will allow these professionals to experience the golf, sun and beach, culture, interior, businesses or language tourism. This action, with a budget of approximately 400.000 euros, is organised by the Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Sport of Andalusian’s Government and Turespaña. The respective managers of these, Luciano Alonso and Antonio Bernabé, presented this initiative yesterday. [ Read more ]

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Malaga to Madrid with Renfe and Ave train during the next bank holiday

Renfe will be offering 7.800 more seats on the high speed-long distance trains that link Seville, Malaga and Cadiz with Madrid over the following long weekend as Tuesday, the 1st of November is a Spanish national holiday. Out of the total of additional seats, 3.500 correspond to the AVE trains that travel between Madrid and Sevilla, 2.800 to the AVE Malaga-Madrid and 1.500 to the Alvia trains that link Cadiz with the Spanish capital. [ Read more ]

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Costa del Sol’s Tourism Board in Malaga promote the golfing sector amongst professionals from Denmark

Costa del Sol’s Tourism Board has celebrated a new edition of the Sol Danish Cup, sponsored by Turespaña, with the aim of promoting the golfing sector in the Danish market. The destination was presented to the professionals of this sport.

Costa del Sol [ Read more ]

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In Torremolinos the Iberian Neanderthals also liked shellfish

A group of investigators have confirmed that the iberian neanderthals used to eat shellfish and seafood 150.000 years ago, according to a discovery located in the Bajondillo Cave in Torremolinos (Malaga), which is the oldest trace of shellfish consumption by this species found so far.

Torremolinos neanderthal

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